Recipes to Hand Down

I have decided that I am going to hand write my recipes into a book to pass onto my children, my husband says it's a silly idea what with the technology we have these days.

But I think that it would be lovely to be able to pass down something that can be added too, scribbled in and amended no matter what technology we have.

I now just need to find some nice notebooks to hint at for our anniversary or my *coughs* 30th birthday.

I have found a couple which I am in love with, this one from Hope House Press is just gorgeous. I can imagine it ageing really well and looking great passed down through the generations, getting really well thumbed.

Next is this one from Oh So Cherished, I love the hot pink colour and the wrap around cover, I can just imagine unwrapping it and bits of paper falling out. I have a few recipes my gran gave me on scraps of paper that I would love to stick in it.

Finally this gorgeous little book from Scaramanga is just so gorgeous, this would be perfect for carrying around for those moments where you see a recipe or dish that you think 'ooh I could try that'!

Although I love technology and what it brings the world sometimes I just want something that is real, that can be touched, that if you lived in the middle of nowhere would still function!