24 December 2016

The Princess and the Frog at Nottingham Playhouse

Last year we went to see the Hare and the Tortoise at the Playhouse Nottingham's Neville Studio, it was an absolutely stunning performance, so this year when we were invited back to see The Princess and the Frog how could we say no.

The Neville Studio is a small theatre just off the main building and it allows for a chilled and calm performance, perfect for little ones. The children sit on bean bags at the front of the room and there are seats for parents at the back, it is a great way for them to be part of the show.


21 December 2016

Festive Bar Fun

Last year I saw a post over on Capture by Lucy's blog, where she had created a wonderful bar area in her home.  I decided to do something similar, sourcing beautiful vintage decanters for my rather empty looking cupboard top.

Through each season it has been home to new things, in spring we had our Easter eggs, summer our brightly coloured picnic ware, and then in Autumn our pumpkins.


19 December 2016

Keeping Warm with Trespass

It only occurred to me as I shivered my way into the school yard that I didn't have a super warm and snuggly jacket for winter, so when the lovely people at Trespass asked me if I’d be interested in reviewing their Glacial Long Length Down Jacket I obviously said yes.

I hate being cold and nothing makes the school run more miserable than the bitter wind that always seems to whip through the playground, but with my new coat I am as snug as a bug. With a mix of duck down and feather it is a super warm coat. 

It comes with plenty of large pockets to keep mum rubbish and keys in and when I lost my gloves last week the two fleeced lined chest pockets on the front were the perfect place to keep my hands warm.


15 December 2016

DreamWorks Trolls Hug Time Poppy Doll Review

If you were a child of the 90s then you might remember these fuzzy headed little creatures, in fact I still have some the original ones from when I was younger. What am I talking about? Trolls!

Back with a new film they are a bit different from the first-time round, less scary to be honest, but with the same fuzzy hair and button noses. Although I haven’t seen the film yet, I have heard good things from my daughter about it and she absolutely adores Poppy.


11 December 2016

Christmas Soft Drinks Guide

Not everyone likes to drink at Christmas and if you are a designated driver, pregnant or just not that into alcoholic beverages then it can be difficult to find those drinks that are more than just lemonade, water or a glass of coke.

So here is my guide to some great alternative and alcohol free drinks this Christmas and perfect if you fancy a dry January...it'll come round quicker than you think! 


24 November 2016

Fun Family Games from Tomy - Review

We love a good games night and with the evenings getting darker even earlier now, there is no better time to shut the curtains, grab some snacks and setup camp in the living room playing board games.

We have a good selection already but you can never have too many, so when we were asked to try out some new games from Tomy we of course said yes.

We were sent Pop-up Darth Vader and Greedy Granny, both perfect games for younger children and also if you just fancy a quick few games before bedtime.


16 November 2016

Santa Comes to Giltbrook Nottingham

I love Christmas and am always trying to find ways to make it special for the children, including finding new and interesting ways to get the Christmas spirit started.

So as you can imagine, I was rather excited to hear about the Christmas Bus that will be arriving at Giltbrook Retail Park in Nottingham this weekend, yep you heard that right a Christmas Bus.

This free pop-up family event, will give little ones the chance to meet Santa and get crafty with the help of his elves.


15 November 2016

Autumn Leaves at Rufford Abbey

Nature and Autumn always seem to work together to create the most beautiful colours, for the last few years we have headed out into the woods to play amongst the leaves and this year was no different.

We headed up to Rufford Abbey, a usual haunt for some autumn leaf action. It started off as a sunny autumn day but no sooner had we got our wellies on it started to cloud over. But for us it didn’t matter, we all had our waterproof coats and wellies on, wrapped up so we were snug and warm.

We played in the woods, throwing leaves, running and jumping over logs, then we looked for mushrooms and acorns and talked about the seasons.

The children climbed the trees and even rode them like horses and the ever changing season never failed to give us something to look at and play with.


3 November 2016

A Relaxing Mid Week Break at Darwin Forest - Review

It is no secret that we love to be in the countrside, that we love to be at one with nature and out enjoying the fresh air.

So when we were invited for a mid week break at Darwin Forest in one of their Classic Vogue lodges I am not sure who was more excited, me or the children.

Sat in the beautiful Peak District between two of my favourite towns, Bakewell and Matlock, it is a wonderful location and with plenty to see and do in the area it is the ideal base to explore this wonderful part of the country.


19 October 2016

Pumpkin Picking - Autumn Fun at Maxeys Farm Shop

With Halloween not far away we decided to head up to one of our favourite places at this time of the year and take part in one of Autumns most fun activities, pumpkin picking.

We've been pumpkin picking at Maxeys Farm Shop for the last few years, so with this year being bigger and better we decided to head up during a break in the rain last weekend.

It was muddy, but for me this added to the fun.  We donned our wellies and slid around the field looking for that perfect pumpkin, the sun shone brightly and we couldn't wait to find the ones.


18 October 2016

Keeping Feet Warm with Morlands Glastonbury - Review

When I was given the opportunity to try out some gorgeous sheepskin slippers from Morlands Glastonbury I jumped at the chance. I hate nothing more in this world than cold feet and as Autumn rolled in so quickly, they couldn't have arrived at a more perfect time.

With several classic and modern designs there is a slipper for all tastes and for me I chose these gorgeous classic loafers in chestnut. Coming up a smidgen small I had to opt for a 9 instead of my usual 8, so this is something to bare in mind.


9 October 2016

Meeting the New Furby Connect - Review

Toys have come a long way since I was a young girl and none more so than the Furby, first arriving in the late 90s it was a must have toy and I remember my then boyfriends mum scouring the shops for one for his sister's Christmas present.

With it's own Furby language and cheeky nature, this fluffy little fella has been given a modern day makeover, Bluetooth enabled it has an internal year round clock, so he even knows when it's Christmas, Easter or Valentine's Day.


3 October 2016

Transformers: Power Surge Optimus Prime Review

If like me you are old enough to remember Transformers the first time round, then you’ll remember the excitement of watching them transform from a vehicle to a robot and back again. It was like nothing we had seen before and having a brother and two male cousins meant I often had to choose whether to be an Autobot or Decepticon.

My son has also become a fan and has enjoyed watching some of the newer films, so when we were asked if we’d like to review the Power Surge Optimus Prime I knew he’d love it (I was a bit excited too).


29 September 2016

Kids Style Challenge with Bonprix

With golden leaves falling down from the trees and conkers ready to pick, it would seem that we are in autumn. As sad as I am and as much as I will miss summer, it does mean cosy jumpers, sumptuous fabrics and beautiful autumnal colours.

So, when Bonprix challenged me to come up with some outfits from their children's range for my son and daughter, I knew I would take my inspiration from the season.

With plenty of bright colours, styles and matching sets it was easy to pick out what for me were the perfect autumn outfits for my children.


16 September 2016

Hazy Summer Sun - An Evening Amongst the Gold

As the evenings get darker and the mornings cooler, I am holding on to the moments of sunshine we've had this summer. Just before the wheat in the field behind us was harvested, we managed to go and spend an evening investigating its golden beauty and the tiny sheaves almost ready to carry on their journey.

It has been magical to watch the wheat grow, from nothing but tiny shoots, to a field of gold, the children and I have loved watching the tractors as they drive up and down the fields.

We were a little miffed to have missed the combine harvesters and the actual harvesting itself, however, we were there to watch as the tractors swept up the leftovers and bundled them into perfectly rectangular parcels.

Late into the night they worked, picking up and building a huge hay castle, it was truly magical and should they go ahead and build on the land, we will miss watching the earth change through the seasons. But for now we will enjoy whatever grows there, last year was a beautiful field of oilseed, it’s bright yellow flowers swishing in the wind and turning into tiny rattling pods.


11 September 2016

Marvel Universe Live

This week saw the opening of the Marvel Universe Live here in Nottingham, we were invited along to see what was sure to be a spectacular event, including some of my children's favourite super heroes and super villains.

We were first invited to meet a few of the stars in the VIP lounge, they taught the children a few moves and chatted to them about the show. The children also got to have a go at lifting Thor's hammer, it turns out it's not so heavy after all, with my 5 and 8 year old managing it no problem.


8 September 2016

A Thoroughly British Holiday

There were a lot of changes here in The Mummy Diary house during the summer holidays, with life so busy it meant I hadn't managed to plan any time away for us.

I knew I wanted to take the children to the coast though, so I decided to take them back to one of my old childhood haunts, Mablethorpe on the Lincolnshire Coast.

It was busier than I had expected, with the streets, arcades and shops bustling with people. The beach was packed and it was hard to find a space that wasn't occupied. Although this would normally have bothered me, it made my heart swell, that so many people had come back to a place I once loved and that for some years had lost its appeal to many.

We spent a good few hours playing in the arcades, eating ice cream and playing on the beach. However, before long it was time to head back to our chalet to clean ourselves up, so that we could head out to the local fish and chip shop for some traditional seaside food.


4 September 2016

Fun with Baby Annabell

Last Saturday, we were invited to meet the new autumn/winter range of Baby Annabell dolls at our local Smyths Toy Store. When we arrived the party was in full swing, with face painting, story time and much more. My daughter was most excited about getting to meet the new Baby Annabell dolls and toys, however first she had her face painted.

With some yummy cakes to celebrate and lots of crafts from The Creation Station, it was a great way to spend some time on a Saturday morning.


2 September 2016

Back to School Shoes with Toughees - Review

Mention new school shoes and every parent groans, in fact nothing makes a parents heart sink like the thought of shopping for children's shoes, let alone school ones.

This time of year means queues for days just to get fitted and then if they have them in their size you're one of the lucky ones, ok, so it isn't always that bad but it can be.

So this year when I was approached by Toughees to try out their range of school shoes, it meant that not only would I not have to venture out to the shops, but I also had high hopes that in a months time I wouldn't be looking at my daughters shoes, with such disappointment that they hadn't even lasted a term.


21 August 2016

Our Trip to Naturescape Wildflower Farm

With the sun shining and the summer holidays still in full swing I decided it would be the perfect time to take the children to Naturescape, a wildflower farm over in Langar, Nottinghamshire .

It had been on my 'places to visit' list for some time and it just seemed like the perfect day to take a picnic and spend some time with the children and no distractions.

The place itself is easy to find if a little odd driving through an industrial estate, however, once there you are welcomed by a wooded car park which leads out into the wildflower fields and meadows.


13 August 2016

The Walled Garden at Clumber Park

A few weekends ago we went camping at Clumber Park, it is a great place to escape to and not far from where we live.  Included in the camping fee is entry in to the walled garden, we have been in there once before and it is a beautiful place to explore, full of colours which change through the seasons.

This visit did not disappoint, with Dahlias as big as your head, lots of fruit, veg and plenty of insects and wildlife to see too, it was a colourful delight


8 August 2016

Klean Kanteen Challenge - One Month On

Last month we were set a challenge, to see how much money we could save using the Klean Kanteen range from Whitby & Co. Using the drinks bottles and canisters to take to work and out and about, meaning we didn't have to buy food and drinks.

For me, it has been a huge part of my lunchtime routine and I haven't bought lunch at work for the entire month, everything has gone in my canister, everything from salad to soup.


3 August 2016

A Day Aboard the Royal Caribbean Navigator of the Seas

When we were invited onboard the Royal Caribbean, Navigator of the Seas, I was a little sceptical about how much I'd like it, I mean sure, I'd like the boat and it would be impressive but I didn't think it would be for us.

I thought that being confined to a boat would probably drive us all mad, so little space and nothing really to do other than sunbathe. Well I was wrong, hands down wrong!

We spent the day before our trip on the Navigator or the Seas in Southampton, we visited the city itself searching for the Zany Zebras currently residing in the town, we had dinner and we headed down to the quay to see if we could see the boat. It wasn't there yet, as it wasn't due to arrive until early Sunday morning.

So, when we pulled out of the hotel car park and saw this huge ship, I gasped and asked my husband if that was it? It was just huge and I honestly couldn't control my excitement, enthusiastically asking the children 'can you see that'? It really was something to behold and having never seen a cruise ship before I was amazed at how big it was.


29 July 2016

Decades at School with Marks and Spencer

Do you have any favourite memories of school? Milk in bottles with little straws, recorder lessons and the school dentist, getting your five meter swimming badge and one computer for the whole school, wheeled in and out of the rooms on a trolly.

Well, times have changed, milk comes in cartons and each class has a few computers and even iPads, but sending your children off to school for a new year will still be the same.  That pang of sadness at not getting to spend time with them even if they were causing you to tear your hair out at times, that dread of early mornings and lunch box making.

New uniforms, shoes, bags and lunch boxes and now it seems we need to add a pencil case to the mix and it got me thinking about what it was like for my parents when I was at school? What hopes, dreams and feelings did they have for me starting a new year?

I remember going to look for a new school uniform and new shoes with my mum, it was one of those defining moments of the school holidays and nothing got the excitement going more than a crisp new pair of shoes and school uniform. Trying them on when we got home and showing dad when he got in from work, just to get the approval.


28 July 2016

Following The Zebra Trail in Southampton

Since we were heading down to Southampton to visit the Royal Caribbean Navigator of the Seas we decided to make a weekend of it and head down the day before, we've never been to Southampton before so we thought it would make a nice little weekend break.

I had seen about the Zebra trail on the Southampton Tourist Twitter page, so was looking forward to visiting them whilst we were there, there are many parks in Southampton city centre, so we decided to walk down through the parks and then on to the City Art Gallery before heading out for dinner.

To be able to walk through some wonderful park land, with plenty of space for a picnic, a huge park for the children and a little fair on for the summer, was a great way to entertain the children and as it was hot we stopped for an ice cream too.

The zebras were everywhere, we found one in the city centre and then they pretty much popped up everywhere we walked after that. This one was by the band stand and it wasn't until afterwards I noticed the delightful bit of rubbish standing with it.


22 July 2016

Intelligent Waste with the Totem 60 from Joseph Joseph - Review

When we moved into our new house our grubby old bins came with us, we'd had them for years and although they were cleaned, time had taken its toll on them. With two separate bins, one for rubbish and one for recycling we had to keep one in the garage and one in the kitchen, it wasn't an ideal situation.

So when Joseph Joseph asked me if I would like to review one of their Totem Intelligent Waste Systems I obviously said yes, anything that meant I didn't have to go through two doors and back to put something into the recycling bin!

The bin has a sleek design and being square, it fits more neatly into our kitchen than the old round one did. The Totom 60 is available in several different colours but since our floor and units are white, we went with the white and silver option.

jospeh jospeh totem 60


17 July 2016

Words and Poetry at Newstead Abbey

We've been to Newstead Abbey many times now, in the spring, summer, autumn and winter, each time it shows us something new, this time it was inside of the house, an important part of the Abbey that we have never seen before.

With either the sun shining or adventures to be had outside, the house has just never been on our radar. So when they had a day of fun, poetry and music with tours around the house, it sounded like a fantastic way to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon. With access to the house and gardens for just £10 per car this sort of event is the perfect opportunity to explore more of this wonderful piece of history.


11 July 2016

Exploring Hardwick Hall

Last weekend we were invited to Hardwick Hall, one of many beautiful National Trust properties , whose occupants over the years have played a huge part in shaping the history of the area. We visited Hardwick many years ago pre-children and although the house itself hasn't changed, there are now some new stories to learn about.

From Bess's troubled granddaughter and once heir to the thrown, Arbella, to the last Lady of Hardwick, these two new exhibitions give us even more insight into Hardwick Hall's past.


9 July 2016

Gin Explorer Box Review

We first saw the Gin Explorer Box at the Gin Festival in Nottingham earlier this year, they offer a monthly subscription, where you receive a box of four different gins to try, with a bottle of tonic and a little treat.

The box was delivered by Parcel Force and although I wasn't in to sign for it, it was taken back to the local post office the next day, so there is no waiting around for re-delivery or having to travel too far to pick it up.

Gin Explorer Box at the Gin Festival

6 July 2016

Saving Money with Klean Kanteen

How much do you spend on lunches, coffees on the go and food and drink on days out with the family?

We have been challenged by the people at Klean Kanteen to see how much we can save over the course of a month using their drinks bottles and food canisters for our lunches both for work, school and days out, as well as thinking about the environment and how much packaging we can cut down on.

My husband often has hot drinks on the go during his trips to London, I often buy lunches instead of taking something to work and although we always try to take some on our days out, drinks can get expensive whether hot or cold.

The bright drinks bottles are perfect for both kids and adults alike, and with double-wall vacuum insulation it keeps your drink warm for 12 hours or cold for 24 hours, leak proof caps and stainless steel meaning no flavours are absorbed. The food canisters keep stuff warm for 4 hours and cold for 12 hours, they are BPA free and food grade stainless steel.


3 July 2016

Mums Grown Up Party Fun

I always decorate our dining room table for birthdays, nothing excites everyone more than coming down and seeing what pretties I have put up. Streamers, banners and balloons and then homemade cakes mean we have a very jolly day.

For me though, the house is usually lacking in decoration on my birthday, last year was the first year I got some balloons with my presents, most exciting. So this year after speaking with the lovely people at Talking Tables I set out to create my own bright birthday table and mini party on our glamping trip at Lantern and Larks.


2 July 2016

Glamping at Lantern and Larks Rutland

Last weekend we were invited to spend the weekend with Lantern & Larks at their wonderful site in Rutland, Leicestershire. Sat in what I think would have been the walled garden of Exton Park, it is a wonderfully secluded spot surrounded by trees.

lantern and larks rutland

lantern and larks rutland


24 June 2016

Win a Day Out on a Cruise Ship with Royal Caribbean

If like me, you've never seen a cruise ship, let alone been on one, this competition could be for you.  

I am delighted to have partnered with Royal Caribbean International to run a prize draw for two winners plus their family (up to four guests each), to join Royal Caribbean for an exciting day onboard the Navigator of the Seas in Southampton on Sunday 24th July.


20 June 2016

Summer Drinks for All Weathers - We Are Tea & Ugly Drinks Review

It's the first day of summer and currently it is raining, it's a difficult decision as to whether or not to head to the fridge or put the kettle on.

It's good to have a choice though and with We Are Tea and Ugly drinks I have that option, in fact I believe it was Peter Kay's mum who said that having a cup of tea will cool you down, so these are both perfect for summer days.

We Are Tea make award winning loose leaf tea, which, if you like proper tea like I do then, is perfect. Along with their fabulous Simpicitea infuser, it couldn't be easier to make yourself a wonderful cup of tea.

we are tea, simplicitea


16 June 2016

Meeting Steve Backshall at Mountain Warehouse

If you have a young child in your house who is interested in all things nature, then you will have probably heard of the thrill seeking adventurer that is Steve Backshall. He has been a bit of a hero in our house for some years now, with my son watching and re-watching every episode of Deadly 60 as often as possible.

So when we were sent some t-shirts from the lovely guys at Mountain Warehouse a few months back, which not only had a wolf on but were from the Steve Backshall range, it seemed like life couldn't get better for him. That was until they invited us to meet him at their Fulham Broadway store last Saturday.

Donning his favourite wolf t-shirt, we headed on the train down to the big city, we got there early so the wait for him was agnoising, eventually, I relented and went to the store. The staff met us and said he'd popped for a coffee so we had a look round the store for a bit and then took our places and waited with the other adults and children there.


7 June 2016

Open Farm Sunday at The Real Milk Company

For the last few years, we have made a special effort to visit local farms for Open Farm Sunday, not only is a it a great way for the children to see what a real farm is like but it is also a great way to support British farmers.


4 June 2016

An Evening Stroll

We had to move out of our house for a few days this week whilst the builders relaid our downstairs floor. So, in search of some peace and quiet, we headed to a little Airbnb property in Fiskerton, just outside of Southwell.

I love this area of Nottinghamshire, Southwell itself is a wonderful town with plenty of cafes, shops, the minster and of course the Bramley apple, with a fabulous heritage walk that takes you close to the original Bramley tree.

Our little home for the week was in a small village, with a great little pub and plenty of walks close by. We headed out after dinner in search of the last few rays of the sunshine which had proved so illusive all day.

Marching down the lane, the children headed towards the fields, over the fields and across the train tracks, we later got talking to the signal box operator and he told us this one will be closing in October, which is rather sad.


29 May 2016

Discovering North Brittany and Beyond

We have holidayed in France many times over the years, visiting lots of different regions. Some of the most memorable times have been spent in or around North Brittany. Famous for the Breton stripe, cider and home to the less well known Breizh cola. Brittany is a region steeped in history, with many beautiful cities and monuments. As we loved it so much, I decided to put together a few of our favourite places to visit, to help out, should you be heading there this year.

For a taste of city life, the coastal city of St Malo is a must see, it is a walled city with beautiful cobbled streets, independent shops alongside plenty of cafes and restaurants.

With two young children in tow, it isn't always easy to find somewhere to eat but we have never had a problem in France, children are always well catered for, children's menu or not. We didn't get to spend as much time as we'd liked in St Malo, but we did get to see the cathedral and if you do have time or are close by, then there is an Aquarium, another great rainy day activity. 


27 May 2016

Celebrations and Making Memories

With busy lives and children seemingly growing up quicker these days, I try and make the most of birthdays and celebrations. We often celebrate international holidays such as Chinese New Year and Mexican Cinco de Mayo to name a few, but more important than this, I love to make sure birthdays are super special.

Not just for the children either, my husband loves a bit of a celebration so I include him in this too, making sure to decorate the house so when everyone comes down in the morning they see banners and balloons and making special cakes like this Maltesers cake I made my husband last year.

malteser cake


25 May 2016

Pony Rides and Friendships

A few months ago my daughter was invited to go horse riding with her best friend, it was a rainy and muddy day but that didn't put them off. My daughter was all covered up in her Helly gear, which is perfect for such occasions as this.

The first task when we got to the stables was to find a suitable helmet, it took a while as my daughter has a rather tiny head but eventually we found one befitting of her petit size and off we went to find her a horse. A rather beautiful specimen named Smudge, a very proud little lady took him down to the training paddock.


23 May 2016

Crabbing in Appledore

Living in Nottingham means we are very rarely able to visit the coast, it's at least a two hour drive in every direction. So when we are at the coast, we like to make the most of our time there, our recent adventure in Devon took us to the beautiful village of Appledore where we did some crabbing.

This isn't an expensive activity and gave us about three hours of fun for less than a tenner. We ate lunch of fish and chips shared between us, sat on the harbour walls waiting for a crab to bite. It was the perfect way to get outside and all enjoy an activity which connected us back with nature.

If you have never been to Appledore, then I can highly recommend this wonderful little town, with it's beautiful harbour front, cafes and antique shops and plenty of small alleyways leading to wonderful little houses and seaside craft shops it is well worth a trip.


19 May 2016

Beautiful Nature

Sometimes I look at what we have become as humans, destroying life, land and our seas. It can be hard to see past it all, but then, in a single moment of utter beauty, I am reminded of what nature has created and still creates now.

With each season comes a different flower, we have just had daffodils, tulips and blossom and then, the beautiful peonies have started to unfurl their spectacular petals.

I bought a couple of reduced bunches from Marks & Spencer on Sunday and wasn't expecting much. But, when we got home with these unloved beauties and put them into some water, they exploded like sprinters, racing to see who could open the fastest.

One of them beat the others hands down and there were many oohs and aahhs, it was like a peacock shaking out its tail feathers, truly beautiful. So, I did what anyone who likes to take pictures would do and got my camera out.


12 May 2016

No Such Thing As Bad Weather

With the weather in England being more than a little unpredictable, you have to be prepared for everything from wind and rain, to sunshine with a bit of snow, all on the same day sometimes.

Last year, we were sent some Helly Hansen waterproof clothing for the family and some fantastic matching wellies for the children, they haven't left our adventures since. So, when they asked if we'd like some fleeces to try on our glamping adventure holiday last month, we obviously said yes.

The fleece jackets are so toasty and warm, whilst also being light weight and comfortable. Meaning we could all wear them under our waterproof jackets to layer up without looking too much like the Michelin man!

helly hansen


8 May 2016

Pain Vs Exercise

I started on Gabapentin last year to help with my Fibromyalgia, it has helped to mask some of the pain, however it has made me put on over a stone in about 8 months. Holidaying in France eating cheese and drinking wine everyday probably didn't help, however the Gabapentin is known for slowing down metabolism and as I haven't really changed my diet I am assuming this is the problem.

Now, the problem with my Fibromyalgia is that it is a vicious cycle, of needing to exercise to work the muscles and help ease the pain, to not being able to do those things because the condition causes your whole body to ache for days on end. A never ending cycle of wanting to be active but being in so much pain you can't be.

However, my jeans are a little snug, so it is time to lose some weight. I had been swimming regularly since the new year to try and lose weight, but with half term and a dodgy knee, I haven't been for a few weeks. Life simply seems to get in the way.

I need to get a grip though, this isn't about me 'not needing to lose weight because I'm not fat' as I hear from friends and family so often, maybe not to the naked eye, but my body has changed shape and I am so conscious of it myself that I need to do it for me.

I try to be fibro-warrior, I try to get through the days and so if I can do that, then I can get rid of the weight I am carrying. I also think that it is probably adding to my weariness and I need to do it to feel better about me.

So, I have applied for a day pass to my local Nuffield Gym to see what it's like, I will be doing that and I will be getting back into my swimming, as well as going out for walks on my days off. You'd think that the amount of house work and running around I do I'd be fine but obviously something has changed in my body and I need to get better, for me and for my family.

7 May 2016

Bluebells at Rufford Abbey

Spring brings us a time when the countryside and woodlands are filled with beautiful bluebells, these enticing blue flowers carpet the ground between the trees and make theses places even more inviting to explore.

With sunshine a plenty, we ventured over to the wonderful Rufford Abbey, it is a favourite spot of ours and as it's just 20 minutes up the road from us, it is a great place to head out for some time outside. With woodland, a ford, plenty of bird spotting opportunities, a park and gardens there is so much to do.

We headed out into the woods in search of some old logs on the woodland floor, they are great places to find bugs and little creatures, especially this time of the year as they start to come out of their winter slumber.


4 May 2016

Helping Me Sleep - SoeMac Review

For the last few months I have been trialling a device called the SoeMac, it is designed to help people with their sleep. The device is a non invasive alternative oxygen therapy treatment, that allows your body to have a more restorative sleep, therefore helping with a wide range of sleep and health problems, from snoring, to ME & CFS, Asthma to Sleep Apnea.

The SoeMac is the world’s first and only home use Singlet Oxygen Energy therapy device. Until now, this Oxygen Energy therapy has only been available to users by means of very expensive, large machines, which rely on the use of a nasal cannula, or mask, to deliver the Oxygen Energy to the user.

The device itself is small and fits neatly and unobtrusively on my bedside table, it comes with extra filters and a power supply.


30 April 2016

Gin Festival Nottingham Review

A few weeks ago I was invited to the Gin Festival Nottingham as their Guest Blogger, they asked me try some gins and report back to them.

I am a complete gin novice, so was a little apprehensive about the afternoon and whether i'd find anything I actually liked, but with the gin book in hand and the lovely gin festival glass we started our gin adventure.

gin festival


28 April 2016

Listening to the Birds

We are lucky enough to have a field behind our house and every day during spring and summer the birds flit through the hedges and fly high in the sky singing their song.

Often we hear the birdsong and are annoyed by it waking us up, but having spent a week outside in the pod at Loveland Farm, it really hit home how loud this was but actually how soothing for the soul it is.

As I woke up an hour before everyone else, I would pop outside, make myself a warm drink and watch the sun come over the hill. I would watch the chickens slowly waking up too, stretching their wings and foraging for their breakfast of bugs and worms.


26 April 2016

Keeping Warm with Mountain Warehouse - Review

Just before we went away glamping, I was chatting with Mountain Warehouse about the chilly evenings and mornings on the farm, so they kindly offered to send me some bits to keep us warm.

We were sent some fabulous merino wool base layers that we could wear both as pyjamas and under our clothing if it was cold in the day.

mountain warehouse