23 January 2018

Beko DPHR8PB561W Heat Pump Tumble Dryer Review

When we moved into our home three years ago, we inherited a loud old tumble dryer that a member of the family was about to throw out.

It sounded a lot like a small plane taking off, the door at one point had to be taped shut and it was probably the least efficient white good in the house.

So when it seemed to get noisier, I knew it was only a matter of time before it would come grinding to a complete halt.  Lo and behold, it did just that halfway through drying a load of sheets.


15 January 2018

Star Wars Toy Collection from Hasbro - Review

Star Wars has long been an obsession in our house, with my son loving the movies and getting most excited about the latest release. With the arrival of Episode VIII in Deecmber just gone, these toys couldn't have come at a better time.

Star Wars Forces of Destiny: Rey of Jakku and BB8 Set - £24.99

My daughter immediately bagged this doll and she absolutely loves it, especially as it comes with BB8 who is a great little character. The doll has a twist action similar to some of her Barbies which means she swipes her lightsaber just like in the movie.

She is very realistic and my daughter has been so in love with her that she came to watch The Last Jedi with us.  I love this character and it is great to have another strong female lead in a film. Princess Leia lead the way in the original trilogy and now we have Rey to carry on the torch of the Light Side. 

This figure is part of the Forces of Destiny range which accompanies a series of animated shorts showcasing heroic women from a galaxy far, far away. It's great to see these female characters from the Star Wars universe being given equal standing with their male counterparts.


13 January 2018

Beautiful Winter Light at Rufford Abbey

Last weekend we headed to Rufford Abbey for a walk to blow away the cobwebs. I love Rufford, it is a beautiful place that my children and I have spent many hours visiting.

With the sun low in the sky it created wonderfully atmospheric conditions for some beautiful winter photos of my two favourite people and our one of our favourite places to visit.

Here are just a few and I think you'll agree this time of year is the most perfect for some wonderful pictures with the most beautiful winter light.


6 January 2018

Chad Valley 3 Storey Glamour Dolls House Review

I vividly remember tearing the wrapping paper from the dolls house my Grandad lovingly made for me back in the 80s.  I still have it today, and despite my daughter repeatedly asking about it, I have been a little apprehensive about passing it on to as it is very precious and small hands sometimes get a little bit too excited.

So when we were sent the 3 Storey Glamour Mansion from Chad Valley at Argos, my daughter was ecstatic. I'm not sure what I expected the finished article to look like, but it certainly a grand affair. It stands taller than my daughter and each floor is the perfect size for an upright Barbie.