22 October 2011

Body or Mind?

So I was driving to the shops yesterday and whilst driving around the back of the market I saw one of those machines outside a cafe, you know the ones you put 20p in and get a ball or some other 'tat' as my husband calls it.

Well I had one of those flash backs from childhood of once getting a little pot of squidgy putty stuff out of one, I loved it.

Anyway, that got me thinking about when you lose those memories? How long before I forget those things and no longer get that little bit of history replaying itself in my mind?

My husbands aunt died last year of Alzheimer's, she had been ill for years. When we saw her in that last year small memories would seep through, mainly the important ones about her daughters and when they were little, so sweet that the important ones stayed with her. But how awful to lose all the other memories and towards the end she didn't know who anyone was not even her husband.

Then there is my friend who talks about their 90 year old gran who still has the wit and brains she did when she was 20 but her frail body is failing her and she is trapped inside a body she can't even make do a button up!

I'm not usually this morbid honest but it made me think, should I write a more detailed diary for the children in case one day I can't remember these things? They do and say the best things and I would hate to forget the precious moments we share together.

Anyway, it is a lovely day and I am off to make the most of it.

Love and hugs x

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