About Me

Welcome to The Mummy Diary, a Nottingham based parenting and lifestyle blog.
The blog is written by me, Ellie, a thirty something, cake-loving, chocoholic. I love to bake, cook, craft and collect vintage pieces for my home, I also have a penchant for taking photos of everything and anything I see.

Although this blog started out as a place for me to write about my thoughts and feelings as a mum, it has fast become a place to document my life with my two children, who “willingly” let me photograph them whenever we are out.

My son, who is 12, is a Minecraft and Lego loving tweenager, who can often be found doing silly dances and singing songs. My daughter, who is 9, is a Harry Potter, star loving, dress twirling sweetheart who loves to dance, sing and chase bubbles.

As a family, we are always out on adventures, exploring the countryside and visiting new places, learning about history and what makes the world go round. Whether it is the Natural History Museum, Sherwood Forest or whilst on holiday abroad, we try to see of much of the world as we can.

Instagram plays a huge part in my social media and blogging life, it is a great place for me to document what we do, as well as a great place to meet wonderful likeminded people, so do pop on over and say hi.

When I am not blogging or eating cake I try and manage my days as a busy mum, working for a national online fitness company keeps me equally busy as both the accounts assistant and occasional food stylist. 

Should you like to contact me for a chat or if you'd like me to review anything that you think might be relevant then you can do so at 

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