20 October 2011

Charity bags!

We must get at least two charity bags through the door every week, I give all my old clothes etc to charity but I take them to the local shops so I know exactly where they have gone.

There are two reasons for this, firstly I have seen vans pull up outside my neighbours and rifle through the bags before being caught by the real collectors, this is classed as stealing I think.

Secondly, have you ever read the small print on one of those bags? The one today says 'we donate a minimum of £2000 a month to xyz charity'.

I did a little checking on the website of the company who it was collecting on behalf of and their website states they do it this way because it is the only way they can get funds. But still if this collection company makes £10000 from the sale of the clothes they only get £2000, unbelievable.

Maybe I am just being ignorant? But I will continue to put these so called 'charity bags' to one side and instead carry on taking my clothing and other bits to the local charity shops to sell instead.

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