31 October 2011

The joy of reading to children...

Whilst sat reading my son his current favourite book in bed last night, I remembered how much I loved my mum and dad reading to me and how I enjoy reading books to him.

In part I think it is due to the books themselves, we are currently reading Stick Man by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler. They are doing this for the Christmas play at nursery and so I felt we should buy it so we could read it lots.

It is a brilliant book, as are all the ones written by these two most talented children's writers and I thoroughly enjoy reading it.

Obviously the most well known is The Gruffalo but we also have A Squash and a Squeeze and it is really great to hear him reciting the words back.

The next on our list is  Room on a Broom, as with most books these days the others in the 'series' can be found at the back and so we have to go through the ritual of which books we have and which ones we will be getting next every night.

A few of our other favourites although not really readers but hilariously funny is anything by Nick Sharratt, we were bought Octopus Socktopus by a friend for our sons 1st Birthday and it still makes us laugh.

And finally, our other favourite books, the Mr Men series! My mum and dad have some videos (yes videos) and he watches them over and over again.

We love the books and even though they are a 'bit long' as my husband claims every time this is the choice of book to read, they always have a great meaning and I do enjoy reading them and doing the voices.

My favourites are Mr Messy and Mr Greedy, not just because we have two of them in our house but because the endings are great :)


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