29 October 2011

My love of music!

I love music,  I always have.

I have learnt to DJ and make music at a music school in my spare time, I used to love going clubbing and letting the music move my body.

I listen to music when I am cleaning and dance like nobody is watching, my children usually looking on bemused but excited by mummy twirling and wiggling.

For me music takes my mind away from it all, it brings back memories and for a moment I can be lost in the words or music of someone else's life.

I remember moments in life, for example As The Rush Comes by Motorcycle reminds me of Gatecrasher at the NEC and a friend who said 'I looked amazing' sadly he went on to take his own life and everytime I hear that song I think of him.

Romeo by Basement Jaxx was the song that was playing when I first told my husband I loved him.

My Friend by Groove Armada was the song played as we walked down the aisle after we got married.

For me music is like smells and conjures up memories, I have an album that I listened to every day when I was 15, I still play it and even now 13 years later it still brings back memories of my first boyfriend and leaving school.

When I hear songs they remind me of a moment, a person, a place or just that life is full of beautiful things.

So that is My Song Saturday or Soppy Saturday maybe, either way have great weekends. Tomorrow is Silent Sunday so i'll talk to you on Monday.

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