18 October 2011

The saga of the fridge/freezer continues!

So in case you haven't seen the posts we had a fridge/freezer, it died after only four years.

We bought a new one and it turned up a a few weeks ago, when it arrived it was scratched so Curry's gave us some money back, yay you might think job done.

However on taking the plastic off the doors we noticed they were dented all around the top of the handles, like it had fallen over or something had fallen on to it. So we phoned Curry's back who put us through to LG.

They said we could either have some compensation or replacement doors, it is pretty bad so we decided to go with the new doors as we have to look at it every day.

That was on the 5th October, we still hadn't heard anything on Friday so my husband phoned them. Apparently some new doors have been despatched to us, two huge American style fridge and freezer doors are going to be delivered here and then and only then can we phone them back to arrange a engineer to come out and attach them!

What....where am I supposed to put two doors my husband exclaimed...their answer 'in the lounge'....erm we have two small children!

So we have to wait for the doors to arrive and then phone the 0844 number to arrange for them to come out and worst of all, had my husband not phoned them we would never have known what was happening and at some point I would have been caught unaware by a delivery of two huge flipping doors.

We are grateful that they are being replaced but why we have had to do all this chasing and phoning is beyond me, we were sent damaged goods how is that our fault!

Will let you know how it goes ;)

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