25 October 2011

Spots Part 2!

There are many other things in life to worry about, I know that but in a world where we are supposed to be 'perfect' it is hard to wake up to a face covered in spots!

Mine in particular are a form of acne called cystic acne, they are huge and soooo painful! They stretch the skin to breaking point and cannot be squashed or touched as they can leave a scar deep under the skin that last for months and in the case of when I was 16 years.

I haven't really suffered the way I have this last month since I was 16, back then I had huge ones on my chin, hormonal spots that were so painful and I was so embarresed by. But when I went on the pill they did get better a little.

Now a certain aunt has returned after the birth of my daughter and my hormones have been woken up from a deep slumber and the cycstic acne has been reborn.

To cover them up is pretty impossible because it is not necessarily the colour you can actually see them under my skin poking out, my gorgeous daughter totally unaware and lashing out at me in her cute wave hits them and they get redder.

Anyway, moaning aside I wanted to share this amazing video I saw and I am hoping next time I go into town to get some of this amazing stuff to cover the few scars I do have.

Hope you'll agree this is pretty amazing and I love the song too, by a guy called Zoo Brazil who is my new favourite electro artist :)

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