10 November 2011

Dear Ikea...

I visited your Nottingham store last week and all I can say is well done. Well done on having the worst and most pointless nursing area I have ever sat in!

Some ladies are shy about feeding or would prefer a quiet area, where their nursing child won't be distracted, this is not one of those.

I was adjusting myself to get up and leave when someone came over and asked if anyone was sitting at the table next to the nursing area, that's how open it was!

Now I used the area back in February before they changed the lay out and it was comfy, enclosed and quiet, they have recently made the children's area better but in doing so have changed this area for the worse!

The chairs are low backed and not particularly comfortable for feeding in and the chair opposite me had no privacy whatsoever!

I am so disappointed by the change, this was always something I admired about Ikea! I don't think I am being overcritical and if you have visited this store recently I would love to hear your thoughts.

Below are some pictures that show exactly how poorly thought out the area is...

View from my chair!

Not particularly comfy chairs, i'm afraid and this one has no privacy whatsoever!
Completely open to people looking in :(
View up from the chair, anyone can just come over and look in!

I emailed Ikea customer services yesterday, if I get a reply I will let you know what their thoughts are.

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