5 November 2011

The dreaded social event of a parent!

Today we have one of those dreaded social events that can strike fear into the most hardened of people. A children's party!

Why must I be put through these things? Why must I go? Can't I just stay at home? I know, I know, I sound like a grumpy teenager, but with good reason.

I have met some of the other people going and it is not my idea of a nice few hours (would love to insert juicy gossip here but I won't).

We were never invited to any other events for this child (1st birthday, christening), so why now? Need to make up numbers probably!

Honestly, these things are just a way to view other peoples parenting skills, wealth and general status among the group!

My son is old enough for a proper party next year and besides kids from nursery I'm not inviting anyone I don't really know because they have kids vaguely the same age as mine!

Mmmm this all sounds very grumpy and anti-social but I really can't cope with this crap!

Have good Saturday's everyone ;)

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