21 November 2011

I won't be in work today...oh hang on!

So today I feel pretty rubbish, I have had a cold for weeks now but that together with the lack of sleep and rest has caught up with me and I feel shite!

Anyone know who I phone about this? Oh yeah, that's right there is no chance of getting the day off from being a mum when you are sick! It's not possible to just curl up on the sofa and watch Jezza!

To top it off I am still breast feeding so the chance of any hardcore drugs to try and stop the aching, streaming nose, headache and general feeling of crap is none existant!

So here I am writing on my blog, I don't expect any sympathy but at least I got to tell someone about it! For some reason a three year old and 10 month old don't really care about how I'm feeling!

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  1. I always feel like that's the worst part about being a Mummy - not only do you not get lunch breaks etc but you can't call in sick! And holidays are . . . just like any other day! LOL x


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