2 November 2011

My not so heavy baby!

So my poor old neck and back would tell a different story but after taking my daughter to the health visitor yesterday it would seem she isn't putting on much weight.

She had been trundling along between the 25-50th percentile since birth but is now below the 9th :(

Barely a pound in the last nine weeks, she is quite active and has had the chicken pox (well possibly) and has had three teeth pop through in quick succession so eating food hasn't been top of her list of 'things to do'.

I have been told to keep a food diary and try and get as much into her as possible over the next week!

She seems to hate anything remotely savoury and only wants sweet things, I can't remember how my son was but maybe I just have really sweet milk this time round and so that's what she likes?

We have had a slightly more successful day today and I have had my son helping me feed her with the spoon, which she quite seems to like but still only with sweeter foods.

Not really sure what to do, I think with my son I followed the Annabel Karmel book to the letter, but have been a bit more lax thinking I know what i'm doing, maybe I should have stuck with what worked.

I have also tried letting her feed herself the BLW way but she seems to get only tiny bits in her mouth!

Oh well, we'll keep trying! Every baby is different after all!

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