30 December 2011

Poor second child!

My poor daughter, she is one at the end of the month and so far I have arranged nothing in the way of a 1st birthday party!

With my son I spent weeks sorting everything out so it was perfect but with her I haven't even started to think about it, it doesn't help it's a few weeks after Christmas and New Year and me going back to work :(

Poor thing, I am now in a rush to find somewhere to have a party as I don't think I can cope with 30 odd people round my house in the winter (normally if it's warm I can shove some folk outside),

I don't want to go mad, but with my son I bought banners, plates and all sorts with Happy 1st Birthday stuff, I went all out on party bags and everything.

It's like with the new baby cards we got when she was born, we must have got about 50 when my son was born but with my daughter we can't have got more than 20.

I never realised how hard it was being the second child, everything has already been done so it seems like nobody cares (I know this isn't true but you know what I mean).

My poor little princess, I really have to pull my finger out I think and sort something ASAP, I will only regret it if I don't :(

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