16 January 2012

Foody finds!

So back in November you may remember I visited the Good Food Show, I said I would write up what other lovely bits I managed to buy and here it is.

They are small independent brands which you will only find in a handful of stores, they take pride in what they sell and I love that. As you know I am all for supporting small and independent businesses wherever possible.

Firstly I bought a pack of Trees Can't Dance hot selection chilli sauces for my husband. He loves anything spicy, in fact if it doesn't blow your head off it simply isn't hot enough!

I am not normally one for too much spice but the Smoky Chipotle sauce in the pack was gorgeous. Not too much heat, just enough to tickle your lips and the smoky taste is wonderful, especially with some wedges.

I can't give my opinion on the others as I cannot taste them they are so hot to me, but my husband seems to like them as they are nearly all gone ;)

The next thing I bought, which I had sampled in the press room, was this gorgeous Lemon and Mint cordial from Five Valleys Cordials. It is so minty and um...lemony but seriously it is gorgeous, like a alcohol free Mojito, perfect for summer.

I also bought some of the Apricot and Ginger, it was served warm and is perfect as a winter warmer when getting back home from a walk or instead of our usual coffee in the flask when out and about.

These really are superb and if you can find locally a really nice grown up cordial of which a little goes a long way, I believe they do sell in Waitrose so do have a look.

There were so many more things that I didn't get to try, with a pushchair it was just so difficult to get around. However if you have a look on the Good Food Show's website at the exhibitors list you might see something you fancy the choice was endless!

For me if I could have got in front of the massive queue I would have been buying some gorgeous Scotch Eggs from the Handmade Scotch Egg Company! Drools!

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