14 January 2012

More than just education?!?

If you follow my blog you may have seen that we have recently been looking at schools for our son.

My husband visited one yesterday that was in his words 'the one' only problem is it is oversubscribed and out of our catchment.

But this is by the by, the point of this post is what the head teacher of the school said to my husband.

He said that any of the schools we were putting down would be good, however our son already had a great start because we are obviously caring parents, who have taken the time to check the schools we are considering sending our child to.

He said that for some children the school day was probably the only time they got any attention and hugs and this made me feel awful.

The very thought that a child might not get a hug from a mummy or daddy, nana or grandpa or anyone for that matter is beyond comprehension.

I sometimes shout at my son for not taking care of his toys or hurting his sister but the utter guilt I feel afterwards makes me hurt inside, I find it so difficult and heart breaking to think that this would be any different!

But chances are there is a child that went to sleep tonight feeling unloved and lonely.

Until now I have never thought about a school offering more than education, to offer a child hope in an environment where they can thrive and know that someone does care for them can only be good for society.

I lay with my son tonight as he fell to sleep and I couldn't imagine how I could feel any different about him, he is my life and watching him and my daughter grow and thrive is all I live for.

I cant help but well up every time I think about what he said...I just think everyone deserves a hug, especially a child!

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