4 February 2012

A little book that made me smile...

So I have mentioned a few times about suffering with PND after my son was born with it I lost the ability to see the little things and this book really helped me.

In it are lots of little ideas and things to do that aren't just visits to the park. Little quotes that are uplifting and often had me in tears.

It's probably the reason I just chose to spend time with my daughter and enjoy 'her' rather than trying to make it to baby groups and compare baby poo and how great their baby slept through the night.

Although it is nice going to baby groups and talking to other mums sometimes I would just find myself getting wound up, and with my son around as well it wasn't always possible to take him and it would just become more hassle!

I still made sure I saw my best friend from work once a month and go to the hairdressers to have a wash and cut. If I am out and about I would take time to talk to people who ask about my children rather than being in a rush.

I would go for long walks and sit chatting to her rather than being in a rush to be somewhere on time and then get stressed about it!

So what is this book, it is called things to do now that you're a mum...

A couple of my favourite excerpts are...

'Babies spend a lot of time sky gazing, so join in!. Lie back and relax as you watch the clouds vaporize and float across the sky. See what faces, shapes or animals you can make out in the cloud formations. Teach your baby to find magic in the natural world.'

'On a clear night, wrap yourself and baby up warm and step outside to watch the stars'

'Take an enchanted early morning walk in a dew filled garden. There are some advantages to getting up early with a baby!'

'Even if your child pretends not to care, they do look up to you. So try to 'walk your alk' and be a positive role model in all that you do.'

and my favourite one...

'Take your baby on a 'date'. Dress up and have lunch in a restaurant you've always wanted to go to.'

They are just little things that sometimes with sleepless nights you forget exist or with busy lives you literally don't have time to stop and smell the roses.

I think it would make a great new mum gift or mothers day gift for a new mum as it is lovely, even as a second time mum with a one year old I still find little things in it that I do with my children.

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