13 February 2012

Valentines Day....not this year!

So my husband has to leave about 6am tomorrow and won't be back until Friday afternoon so I told him Saturday that we should just leave Valentines Day this year!

Doesn't seem much point if he isn't here, even cards seem a bit pointless as he won't be able to see me open mine and then won't be here to see his.

In fact I am not sure I fall for the hype at all any more, to go out for a nice meal is such a rare event with two children that it always feels special.

Our second ever date was on Valentines and we didn't do cards then so why nine years down the line?

Is there a Valentine equivalent of Bah Humbug? To be fair me and my son have made him some cupcakes as I didn't want to feel totally unloving and I have just made him a card (he told me at lunch he had me one already...eek)...being ill I haven't had time to go out and buy one and although I could have done it all online does he really care about it that much?

Anyway to those that are being all romantical tomorrow have a great time and to those who aren't doing anything then yay for us :)

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