31 March 2012

The dreaded C word!

On Thursday we found out that a close friend of my mum and dad, who had already had cancer three times and fought it, has it again but this time it is terminal.

The doctors have given him six months to live, how cruel that he has gone through so much already and it is still going to beat him.

He has had a brain tumour, stomach cancer and oesophagus cancer and each time has beat it, but now it is in his bones and nothing can stop it from ravaging his body!

Too many friends and family have died from this awful disease and I am now debating whether to run do the race for life this year.

I have done it a few times before but then didn't last year because I felt it was a little to much money to enter, what with then getting my husband to sponsor me too.

I was looking forward to taking my daughter too but at another £10 that is taking the total up to £25 before my own family have even sponsored me!

Although I wish to support the charity we don't have a great deal of spare cash and I would prefer to give the registration fee straight to the charity and then ask friends and family to donate also.

Mmmm not sure what to do, I want to support the work done by the charity but just that, not pay for a medal I don't need and postage for my entry pack etc.

In the meantime I will think of other ways to raise money for these charities...bake off anyone!

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