20 March 2012

Funny things grandparents say and do!

I am probably the only grandchild to go and see my grandparents every week, in fact compared to some of the grandchildren (there are only 4 of us) I am the only one to have visited this year!

I do it for many reasons, it makes them happy, it makes me happy to see them happy, the kids love them and I do enjoy seeing them even if they come out with some daft things.

They still call it the wireless, they moan about letters coming through the door yet I know for a fact my grandad has answered them on occasion, once sending money for a "digital camera" he'd won!

Today for instance we were talking about my mum having a cold 'well its probably due to all that decorating she's been doing, you know the paint getting on her chest'!

If my top comes above my trousers in the winter my gran will say ' oooh cover up, you'll have problems with your kidneys'

I have always bitten my nails, disgusting habit I know but I can't stop, it's my smoking. Anyway my gran always says 'elbows' when I do it, only reason I can think is because one day I might actually make it to my elbows??!

I love them dearly but they do come out with some rubbish, bless em!

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  1. You're very lucky have them & it's lovely that you visit them.

    It's the stories too that I love; things you never knew you hear each time you see them.

    Mine are gone, as are my parents, but I have one mother-in-law who's great. It's tricky getting her for dinner every week, but we love doing it.

    Good on you TMD. The others don't know what they're missing.

    1. Thank you for your lovely comment Dan, I do enjoy seeing them and only wish they would talk to me more about their past. My gran didn't have a great upbringing and my granddad was evacuated during the war so hates talking about it :(

      I am very lucky and my children even more so, so many children don't ever get to meet a grandparent let alone great grandparent. Mine even have a great great Aunty!


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