22 March 2012

Sign of the times, does anyone care any more?

I love technology don't get me wrong, but I cant help feel that with it has come a lack of caring, or maybe it is just the people who send me these texts in particular.

I know text messages can cost money and sometimes they are more convenient but why can't people put, 'Hi hope your ok....'

Recently I have been sent messages that consist of:

'Hey, What are you wearing tonight?' This from someone I haven't seen in several weeks and whilst being really ill! Do you care that little that you can't ask how I am?

Another was: 'Is X going to be 4 this year?' No hello, hope your all OK!

What the hell is wrong with these people, how difficult is it to ask how I am? You can shorten it to how r u if it's space you are worried about!

Unless it's to someone I see every day I always start it off with a 'Hey hun, how are you' it's just politeness and I can't help feel saddened by it. Even if you don't care, just ask it might be the difference between someone having a crap day or not!

It's kind of like smiling at strangers, sometimes it can make your day if someone smiles at you instead of heads down as if you don't exist!

Ok, ok so I sound like an old person, but don't you just think it would be nice if we could all just show a little courtesy to others like in the olden days!?!

Rant over, as you were!

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