23 April 2012

Kiddy Infinity Pro Car Seat

I have intended to write a little review of our car seat for some time. Then I received some great customer service from the Kiddy team, which prompted me to get on and write it.

When my son had grown out of his first seat, about two and a half years ago, we spent several long weeks debating which car seat to buy.

After reading the Which reviews and watching several videos, we decided on the Kiddy Infinity Pro, it seemed to tick the boxes for safety and was very reasonably priced too!

I don't want to go on about other car seats, but for us the way in which the Kiddy car seats worked, with the impact shield instead of straps, won us over. The ergonomic leg rests, adjustable headrest and the fact you could recline the seat were all great touches as well and finally the high performance cushioning seemed to offer the best protection in case of an accident.

I wanted to keep my son in a rear facing car seat as long as possible but he hated the straps so this also made sense as I knew it wouldn't bother him.

It is very easy to get him in and out, even more so when he is having a bad half hour and doesn't want to get in the seat. I never feel like he isn't in properly, it does take a little getting used too and when grandparents use it they can struggle but after a few times it's a breeze.

You don't have to worry about straps being pulled to tight or not tight enough you and you can put them in quite easily when they are asleep.

Some of the extras for the Kiddy range are great too, you can get this aqua paint cover and a climate control seat cover for keeping them cool or warm.

And as for customer service, when the reclining section broke a year ago we took it back to Bristols Early Days where we bought it from and they replaced it for us and when last week my son stuck some stickers to it and it pulled the wipeable coating off (not sure what kind of strong stickers they were) I tweeted Kiddy and they have hunted down a replacement that they are sending to me.

We will be buying the next one up in the Kiddy range for our son when he has finished with this one and passing it on to our daughter, as we love them so much.

We have recommended it to several friends who have gone on to buy them for the very same reasons we did.

It is light so easy to move between cars and so far has fitted in most of the cars we have tried (only a couple we have test driven has it been a struggle with).

What more can you say really, it has won many great awards here and a abroad, this video shows just what I mean.

We purchased the Kiddy Infinity Pro ourselves and this review is written solely because we love the car seat, we have not received anything in return for it.

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