16 April 2012

Our almost fatal trip to the park!

I have just got back from taking the kids to the new park I found just down the road and it was almost our last trip out!

Thankfully the driver in me is always keeping an eye on the road and this time it could have saved our lives.

We were stood waiting for the green man at the traffic lights, nothing was coming but we still waited for it. When the man eventually turned green I started to cross with the children, it had been green for a few seconds so I started to rally my son across but then noticed a van wasn't stopping!

As I pulled my son back and got my daughter out of the road (the perils of a pushchair) the idiot in the van screeched to a stop...whilst looking as white as a sheet!

I proceeded to swear quite loudly and angrily, how could someone be so was a straight road with nothing else around.

If he hadn't of stopped in time or I hadn't seen he wasn't stopping and got my children out of the road we very well could have been dead, how would that phone call have gone to my husband in Las Vegas!!!!

To be honest the driver looked tired and like he wasn't concentrating, it was a rental so maybe he wasn't used to driving something so big and wasn't concentrating on the road?

Anyway, we still enjoyed our trip to the new park, it was fab and I can't believe that after nearly six years of living here I have only just found it. It has a community centre, outdoor gym, huge park and field and my favourite thing a special area just for dogs so hopefully I don't have to worry about poop on the grass (that is another story).

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