12 May 2012

Five years today!

Five years today I got married, it wasn't the most of extravagant of days, we got married in a registry office and then had a marquee in my in-laws garden.

But it did the job, I became a Mrs and it sealed the deal so to speak.

It was sunny up until we got to the registry office and as we walked out it chucked it down, the photographer had a huge white umbrella though and it looked great on the pictures.

Here are a few pictures and it is probably as close as you'll get to seeing what I look like ;)

Even though these don't show any faces I think they are still as striking and I loved including them in my wedding album to tell a story! 

I'm almost as tall as hubby so had to wear flats...booo!

I love this one, gazing out of the window!
Is it vain I really like my shoulders in this one?

I love the detail this one picks up, so simple!


  1. Happy Anniversary! Beautiful pitures so simple and the happiness comes through! xx


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