13 June 2012

One is not amused!

We went to see the Queen visit a local park today where she was unveiling a plaque and all I have to say on the matter is well done to Nottingham City Council and friends, well done on a really poorly planned event!

First of all, there was no PA one apart from those standing at the very front could hear either Her Majesty or Prince William speaking.

We then waited to see the Duke and Duchess and were pushed and spoken to very rudely by some head of police (not uniformed police officers) asking us to get back! People with pushchairs being pushed around with literally no where to go.

I don't normally have a problem with the police doing their job but this one women was a bully, rude and totally didn't have a handle on the situation.

If we had been pushing over a fence or something I could have understood, but instead an after thought of a piece of rope had been laid on the floor and some policemen standing in front of it! That ended and there was then no boundary. Small children were being jostled around by people trying to get pictures, it was a truly awful event, one I don't wish to experience again (sorry ma'am).

Finally and to top off an awful event they wouldn't let us out! We went to the exit to be told we couldn't leave that way and would need to find another way out, we walked to the other end of the park (marked Exit B) to be told the same thing and then finally found another exit on yet the other side of the park!

I think my son enjoyed it but maybe we should have just stayed at home and watched it on the telly!

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