20 August 2012

Our visit to Zizzi Lincoln

After our trip to the seaside on Saturday we stopped off in Lincoln for some tea, we went to Zizzi and from the start I was impressed by how fab the staff were with the kids.

My son wanted to sit in a specific seat so whilst he decided where that was, the lovely staff member waited and then when he had finally decided she bought us over a highchair and some crayons and colouring paper for the children.

We asked for some water as we were all thirsty from the car drive and they bought a jug over with a special pink and blue cup for my son and daughter to make them feel special.

They were very patient with us even though it was a Saturday night and didn't make us feel at all unwelcome.

My son and I popped to the toilet and on the way stopped to watch them making the pizzas, they said hello to him and we watched without any funny looks.

When we asked for a normal Pizza between the children they bought it out on separate plates so there was no faffing about at the table splitting the pizza between plates.

My salad was devine and my husbands pizza was great too, the children thoroughly enjoyed theirs and we took the leftovers home in a little box which they bought over for my son to fill. He ate the rest the next day and no dinner was wasted.

I haven't received such great service from a restaurant with the children in such a long time, they bought the children hats to wear and we took a couple of balloons home with us too.

I have never been to Zizzi before but will definitely be going back.

Insalata Tricolore

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