11 September 2012

Cars on a School Run

I already knew that cars on the school run added to the traffic in a morning and definitely notice the speed in which I make it to work in holidays, however it wasn't until I actually started doing the school run I have come to realise how many people drive the short distance to school.

A lady who lives up the hill from me drives, it is about 10-15 minutes for her at the most and all flat, yet she drives. I cannot comprehend the mentality of some people!

I live at the bottom of quite a steep hill but am seeing this as an opportunity to tone my wobbly bits, to get some exercise in. The last few days have been gorgeous so maybe this attitude will change when it rains or is really cold but for now I can't believe how easy it is for people to get in their car and drive a very short distance.

Not to mention the cost, I am not saving a lot but it must add up, twice a day, five days a week!

It really does sadden me to think we are just creating another generation of car dwellers, of people who won't know what it is to walk long distances and who will rely on what cars to get about.

Although shattered I feel a sense of accomplishment walking to school and back,  it also gives me a little more time to chat to my son about his day and for us both to enjoy some fresh air.

Have we become too reliant on driving, it feels weird not getting in the car and I thought to myself what an earth I am thinking but it does feel good.

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