4 September 2012

Stamptasic Review

I am rubbish at sewing and although the iron on labels my mum bought me work on most things for things like raincoats, lunchboxes, shoes etc they just don't cut it.

So when I saw Stamptastic I knew that it would be perfect for stamping everything for the start of school for my son and nursery for my daughter.

I bought one for my each of my children, although they both have the same intials I just thought it looked nicer with their whole name rather than the initial and surname.

Although it might seem a little gimmicky I really can't rate them enough, I did five polos, two pairs of trousers, a jumper, five pairs of socks (yes socks), a lunchbox, lunchbag, and drinks bottle all under five minutes.

No sewing, no ironing, just stamping away.

The stamps are designed as such that you can see through them onto the item you are stamping, this makes it easier and you can easily line the stamp up against the clothes.

It also means that should you be putting something in their bag for the first time that you haven't labelled it is a two second job to get the stamp out, stamp and go!

I have used it on everything including sun tan lotion for my daughter to take to nursery!

So if you are looking for an alternative to a biro, ironing, or sewing then this is defintely it. And I apologise if you have already done all of the above but I kept raving about it on twitter so it was only fair I blogged about it!

I paid for this product myself and have reviewed because I love it, images are from the Stamptastic website.

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