24 October 2012

Ecover Zero Review

I was recently sent over some fab new Ecover Zero goodies to try out. Ecover Zero is a new range of fragrance free products that have been awarded the stamp of approval from Allergy UK.

First up we have the Ecover Zero Washing Up Liquid, now although we have a dishwasher I do tend to do a lot by hand, so for me this was great. Normally washing up liquid makes my hands very dry but I have noticed with this they aren't as bad as normal.

Although I can smell a slight fragrance when I pour the liquid into the water, there is also no smell left on the pots, this includes the kids drinks bottles who would be first to complain should it smell of anything other than water.

Even though it contains no nasties it still cleans really well and with the additional help of some rather nifty dishcloths (thanks Ecover) the pots have come up clean and shiny every time.

Next we have Ecover Zero Non-Bio Laundry Liquid, this again has a slight smell to it when it goes in the drawer but the clothes come out clean and smell of nothing. Whilst this isn't a problem I do sometimes like being able to smell the fragrance of the detergent on clothes. However it does what it says and for those that prefer it not to smell then this is for you.

I also gave this a try out on reusable nappies and although not as white as with the normal non-bio that I use (probably down to there being no optical brighteners) they were still clean, which if you have used reusable nappies before is always a bonus, and to make them smell nice I just used some lavender oil in the rinse.

Next the Ecover Zero Fabric Conditioner, well this worked a treat. The bottle gives you measurements for soft or extra soft, since I was doing sheets I chose extra soft and quite simply they were. This time the lack of smell didn't really bother me, it was actually quite nice getting into a bed that didn't smell.

All in all, these products work well and do what they say, we have had no skin problems and as I said before my dry hands are looking much better with the change of washing up liquid.

We were send these items to review all words, photos and opinions are my own.

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