19 November 2012

My changing bag woes!

When I was pregnant I didn't really think about the importance of a changing bag.

I used the one you got free from Boots, but it wasn't very pretty and didn't stay clipped on my pushchair.

So I bought another one, not that attractive either but it hung on the pushchair so I forgave it.

At a year I sold the pushchair and gave this away too.

I bought a gorgeous new one, super expensive but oh so pretty. After a year it broke and I took it back, I bought another expensive one but it was heavy and only the pods inside it got used.

Then my daughter was born and that was that, I couldn't carry a heavy one so I only used the pods and sold the bag.

I have never had a changing bag I have loved, ever! And although I know there are bigger problems in the world, I feel like I have missed out on some part of being a mum.

Having a nice bag filled with mum bits and pockets for wipes and a bib. Oh well, I have become accustomed now to getting to work on a Thursday with a car or other random 'toy' floating around in my bag.

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