2 November 2012

Technology or Paper?

With all the technology in my life I have been wondering whether there is still a place in my life for a diary or wall calendar?

I have had a couple over the years but have stopped using after a while because it was too bulky or just didn’t get updated , but what with party after party for my son and more dates in his diary for school than you can shake a stick at, I am now thinking I really need to get back to using one.

My phone is alright but only I can see it and it doesn’t get updated with hubbies dates of being away. The battery life on it is appalling so often in the evening when I am sat down to do anything it has died and I have to charge it back up to use it.

Part of me does like the idea of a diary and calendar but I just need to make sure I use it.

So what are my options, is there some magic diary or calendar that isn’t too bulky, something that fits neatly into my busy life and house.

Will be on the lookout and update you on what I go for.

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