23 December 2012

Christmas Traditions

I remember as a kid having plastic Santa sacks, they would be filled with smaller gifts that me and my brother would haul upstairs to open at the bottom of mum and dads bed.

Then we would go down stairs and open the bigger gifts.

I remember the year we got bikes, they were hidden behind the sofa and curtains.

I also remember the year I got my beloved pound puppy and the year my brother got a thundercats sword.

So finding traditions for my little family is very important, memories that will hopefully live with them when they go on to have their own families.

We currently have a Christmas Eve tradition of new PJs, this also helps with the Christmas morning pictures.

I have been trying to set a tradition of sending a letter to Santa and receiving one too. But we will also carry on the tradition of leaving a mince pie and carrot by the fireplace.

Too much today takes away the innocence of children and for me Christmas is a time to regain it, to spend time doing the family things we seem to have so little time for.

If its nice we might go tobogganing on Christmas Eve too :)

Do you have a Christmas tradition? I would love to hear it.

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  1. I love the basics of Christmas too, I do hope you get to go tabogganing, but if you don't enjoy Christmas anyway!


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