30 January 2013

Happy 2nd Birth Day

Today marked my daughters second birthday, two years since I became a mummy to my beautiful perfect little princess.

I always feel like that although the day is all about her, part of it, a small quiet part is mine. The day marks one in which me and my body did something amazing.

Although part of me worries this sounds a little selfish I also think that it is this bond that will keep us together forever, that means we will always love each other even when we are apart.

I always feel like my children are a little part of my heart walking around in this world and I will always be proud I gave birth to them and that although this day is about them it is also about something we as a family shared.

As a few tears roll down my face I smile at the birthday pictures and the cake I so loving made for my daughter and wish her a happy birthday as she sleeps in her bed soundly after what I hope was a wonderful day.

I leave you with the lovingly crafted cake that made me wince when it was cut up :)

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