8 January 2013

Hot Chocolate, My Raison D'être

Okay so my children are my reason for being, my first, my last, my everything and I suppose I had better include my husband in that list.

But of all the inanimate things in the world Hot Chocolate is my number one thing I can't live without.

If I'm out I'll always have a hot chocolate, if we get home from a cold walk I have a hot chocolate and if I need some cheering up I'll stick on some milk and make myself a hot chocolate .

So imagine my joy when I opened this beauty on Christmas day...


Along with some amazing Prestat hot chocolate, I had never had this before but it is divine.

My other favourite hot chocolate is by Charbonnel and Walker and both of them are made into the most amazingly smooth and velvety hot chocolate in the chocolatiere jug, it even works for just one cup.

And if you prefer to use cocoa powder then you can, I really like the Fairtrade Divine Cocoa powder.

You can also use grated chocolate but I haven't got round to that yet, but with so many mint chocolates, white chocolates, or even orange chocolate (goes and gets the last chocolate orange) I cannot wait to try so many flavours using the jug. So thank you Santa for bringing me this, I wasn't expecting it, it was a surprise and I love it :)

And finally here is one I made earlier, adorned with the obligatory squirty cream and marshmallows.

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