21 January 2013

Packing Away the Past

This last few weeks we have been trying to de-clutter and with my daughters second birthday fast approaching we know it's only a matter of time before we are again fighting with yet more toys.

So it is with a heavy heart that I pack away the old toys, the ones we have had since my son was small, each one a memory from a birthday or Christmas.

All of the clothes I have been holding on to for some unknown reason sit waiting to be sold on a day I can bear to part with them.

I stopped and asked my husband whether that was it, whether two was enough and we were sure we weren't going to have anymore.

I think deep down we would both love another baby but we know that it cannot be, we don't have enough room, a big enough car or endless amounts of money to pay for another one.

Part of me hurts knowing this is my lot, my daughter was my last and that is it for me and my body.

But I have two healthy children who I adore and I am not sure I could bear my beautiful and wonderfully amazing daughter to be the middle child.

So I pack everything away for new homes and instead treasure the pictures I have so lovingly taken with them in and hope instead they bring someone else as much happiness.

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