11 March 2013

Villa Carton Knight Costume Review

We were recently sent a knight costume to review from Villa Carton, my son loves knights so this was perfect for him.

You get to colour the costume in yourself so you can have it whatever colour you like, although the set only comes with four colours. This isn't a problem really but for the knight costume a grey would have been good.

My son is nearly five and he did struggle a little with colouring the fabric as it moved, but this gave me an opportunity to sit down and get creative with him.

The lines are really thick so it means you don't go over them too much, so especially good for the younger children. One thing I did notice, if you got pen on the lines and then brushed your hand on it, the pen rubbed off on you. Although it washed off my hands fine, it does say on the packet that it doesn't come off clothes so definitely wear scruffy clothes or an apron.

Where my son went over the same section a lot the ink did go through the cloth so I would advise putting something underneath, we used our ever useful Messymatz.

This outfit is perfect for every day dress up and it gives the child something to be proud of and they can decorate as they please.

Once finished you have to iron and then it is washable and the ink shouldn't run, although I haven't tried yet.

So far I think ours is looking good, with the attention span of a five year old being limited I can see this project taking us a few more days. But I think this is good as it gives him something to do every day after school, obviously an older child would probably finish this quicker with better pen skills too.

The age range is 3-8 and with 10 styles to choose something there is a a costume for every occasion, they include a king, knight, police, super hero, pirate, queen, princess, nurse, oriental dancer and geisha, it also includes the head gear which I think sets off the whole outfit.

Priced at just under £15 these come in very reasonably priced for something that will be unique to them.

Thank you to Manon at Villa Carton for sending us this to review, we have so far had lots of fun with it.

NB. We were sent this for the purpose of the review, all words and opinions are my own.


  1. Oh wow what a great idea, this looks like loads of fun :) I lovew that there are different options and this is something you can do together. Loving the blog and now following on GFC


    1. Thanks for stopping by Laura and for your lovely comments, they are really fab and perfect for dressing up. Am followin your blog too :)


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