6 May 2013

Bank Holiday Chicken Pox Blues

So Saturday morning saw a few spots pop up on my daughters tummy and bottom, by the night it had spread onto her chest and up round her neck and over looking at the blisters it was clear it was the dreaded chicken pox.

Sunday we had planned to go to the coast, she seemed fine in herself and we thought we could stay away from other people and it would be ok, a text message from my sons school friends didn't bode well as they had come down with it too.

We arrived and were on the beach by about 1pm, whilst changing my son into his swim gear I noticed he had a few spots too, who knew they could pop up so quickly.

So whilst happy they both get to go through it together and it's over and done with, I am also filled with dread at the prospect of two itchy little monkeys all week. I have to work on a Thursday and Friday and don't really fancy taking it as holiday but I really don't want to leave my babies either.

Such a hard decision for a mum, take holiday, no pay or leave your babies, I will leave them with my in laws but still, nothing like a mums hug to make it all better.

Anyway, I am looking for great soothing ideas for the kiddos, any particular baths that are good, ointments. Am struggling to get calamine on them, for some reason they both hate it!

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