29 May 2013

Oooh comfy shoes!

Being a size 8 shoe with feet that are as wide as they are long ;)  I often struggle to find shoes that fit, they either rub or are too small or too big if I have to move up to the next size.

So when I found a pair of sandals that were comfy I felt I had to share, after all there might be someone else struggling with the same large feet no shoe problem.

Saltwater sandals aren't cheap but they are leather and they fit like a second skin, sooo comfy and unlike most shoes they didn't rub at all for the whole time I was waking round in them.

If they do start to rub you can just dampen them and put them on and they should reshape to fit your foot.

Not only this they are washable and can get wet without a problem, great for the beach and the British weather.

I am saving my pennies to buy some of these clogs from Lotta From Stockholm next as they look super comfy and I just love the style, perfect for winter or summer, also I am pretty certain my mum had some of these back in the day too and she was super stylish.

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  1. These sandals look really comfy and funky too. I have huge feet too (can sometimes get away with a 7 but usually an 8). Will check them out, thank you! xx


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