24 July 2013

Wildlife Jack and His Animal Adventures

My son is into animals and wildlife, he loves nothing more than finding out about different creatures and what they do.

So when I saw this project for Wildlife Jack I wanted to offer my support by spreading the word, using kickstarter you pledge money to the project and if they reach the required amount they get your pledged money.

So far they are at £11,069 pounds so they have a way to go in 64 hours, but I think they can do it. So if you have a child interested in wildlife and would like to get your hands on the series first then pop on over and pledge now, minimum is £1 or £9 if you'd like a copy of the series. If you can pledge more then there are some even more fabulous returns to be pledged for from a guided bug hun to being a voice on the program.

Chris Packham of The Really Wild Show will be narrating so I do think it is going to be good, if what I have seen is anything to go by.

I love the way Jack is dressed, it is very reminiscent of a child dressing themselves and the interaction between child and animasl is how we'd all like to see the world.

I showed the trailer to my son and he was instantly transfixed by it and remembered what he had seen, his favourite bit was the shark but he does love sharks...well anything with teeth actually.

So pop on over and see what they have to offer and how you can help get this Wildlife Jack off the ground.

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