15 December 2013

Aurora at Rufford Park

For the last three years we have taken the children to the wonderful Aurora at Rufford Park in Nottingham.

Aurora is a winter illuminations around the gardens at Rufford Park, light, sound and colour transform the sculptures and trees in the garden and it is a really wonderful time to spend with the children and this year included the grandparents too.

Weather permitting it is a truly one of a kind experience that we love and have always enjoyed, I can assure you the children are there it's just very dark ;)

The pretty Abbey all lit up and Santa's Grotto 

This sculpture is holding an apple.

These cones always impress.

I think you'll agree it is a beautiful sight and the kids enjoyed it all, including the Christmas rides at the end, you can get hot chocolate too from the cafe and it's lovely to be able to warm up afterwards.

It isn't on till late so it is the perfect family activity to get you out, wrapped up and enjoying what you normally wouldn't get to see of the park at night time..

The beautiful Christmas tree at the entrance.

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  1. These looks beautiful we must try and make it here as it isn't far from us. xx

    1. It is on next weekend so if you can fit it in definitely do, we love it :)

  2. That looks so magical all lit up and I can only believe it was even more so seeing it for real. What a wonderful way to excite the children for Christmas and it looks like the weather was perfect for you too. Thank you for sharing your evening on country Kids.

    1. Thankfully it hadn't rained too much and there was only a slight drizzle, adds to the atmosphere though ;)

  3. oh wow that looks really lovely

    1. It is a really lovely event and perfect for the children to go too. Thanks for stopping by :)


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