9 December 2013

Made in Britain - Winter Finds

If I am looking for something I usually ask Twitter, nothing like getting honest opinions from people.

This morning has seen me ask for slippers and on being pointed to a wonderful British business I decided to put together a small sample of some fabulous British business still making their goods here in blighty.

So first up is Celtic & Co, these were brought to my attention this morning and I am in love with everything on their site. Especially these House Boots they looks so comfy and we have old parquet floor that isn't warm in the slightest and I hate having cold feet.

Next up one for little girls, I adore this collection and Layla May have a wonderful Made in Britain philosophy that I love. When I had my business I always tried to support British businesses and one of my favourite was a local maker of clothes. Anyway I digress, I had to choose a favourite and I love this set so beautiful and I would like one for myself, I just love the trousers ;)

And it doesn't just stop at clothing, food, lovely British made food and produce. We always shop at our local farm shop for lovely local meats, vegetables, cheeses, honey and much more. Our most favourite find of late is this lovely Rape Seed Oil from Farringtons. It is on par in price with olive oil but tastes so much better. It can be bought from the supermarket so it doesn't mean trying to source it from specialist shops either.

We are so lucky to have so many fabulous wool producers in the UK, I love these throws from Laura's Loom the charcoal is gorgeous, so is the cream and the kingfisher, so many lovely colours to choose from! Bet they are super soft to snuggle up to as well.

And since I have a penchant for all things tea cup I love these sets from Sara Smith, they are divine and it is lovely to think you can still buy something this beautiful and British. We have always been known for our English Bone China and is good it can stay that way.

I think you'll agree we have some beautiful manufactures and companies still here in the UK and we should support them whenever we get the chance with great websites like and it is easy to find products you are looking for.

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