18 January 2014

A Walk Around Local History

Not far from us is a country park which is home to one of the many great british landmarks, an old pit and the winding engine house that stood above it.

As you drive along the road to Bestwood Country Park you see the beautiful houses that would have once been home to miners for Bestwood Pit, beautiful little terraces with ornate friezes.

The park itself is over 690 acres so there is a lot to explore, today though we climbed the hill to find the adventure playground.

Walking up to see the winding house

You can just about see the hole but about 10 foot in it is filled in.

I adore the building, such an ornate and beautiful building for something that was such a messy job, guess that's how it was all those years ago.

Someone had carved a snake out of this tree, we seem to see so many tree carvings at the minute.

Finally after a steep hill climb, we get to the adventure playground, well worth the walk though.

Not sure who was having more fun? Father or Son?

Finding little hedgehogs again (sweet chestnuts)

Attempting a game of noughts and crosses

Looking at the moss on a tree trunk

We found this old rotting tree, lots of bugs and creatures in it...

Including this wasp, guessing it was a queen having a snooze, hope we didn't disturb her too much!

You can just see the yellow in the middle of the bark.
Hiding under this lovely big tree, discussing it's den making qualities of course

Accessing the way out

Walking back home to find some puddles to have a last minute splash in

Puddles found and also a hole in my sons wellies, time to find some new ones me thinks.

Lots of squelchy mud

Pretty gorse flower, if you haven't smelt these before they smell of coconut.

Bestwood Country Park is a lovely green place not far from the city and a lovely piece of history of something that was so important many years ago.

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  1. Looks like a great park with lots of different adventures. #countrykids

  2. Such great architecture and a great feat of engineering, it's wonderful that it's in such wonderful condition and preserved for generations to appreciate. Set amongst some lovely grounds to explore and with the added bonus of the playground makes for a great day out. Thanks for linking up and sharing your outdoor fun with Country Kids.

  3. What a great outing! Lovely photos! Looks like you all had fun x


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