27 January 2014

Planning Meals Ahead

Once a month we go to a local farm shop to stock up on meat, this week so we didn't just end up buying random bits we have planned our meals (for two weeks in fact).

It is difficult planning around my husband as sometimes he is away till late and sometimes at short notice and when I am at work it is difficult to have the energy and inclination to make something so I have planned meals

So this week we have on the menu:

Monday - Sausage Casserole - this is a bung it all in the slow cooker dish super easy and cheap.
Tuesday - Stew -  this week I am trying beef cheeks instead of the usual skirt.
Wednesday - Meatloaf - i've not made this before so hoping it will go well.
Thursday - It's my daughters birthday so we are having people round for tea so I am doing a big Chilli.
Friday - Slow cooker Chinese pork (as I am at work) with enough for leftovers on Saturday tea of pulled pork.
Saturday - Leftover BBQ pulled pork
Sunday - Pot Roast again with leftovers for Monday tea.

The slow cooker is the perfect way to make dinners that use cheap cuts of meat with lots of flavour, as well as being easy for when you are working or even when your not. Giving you time to spend with the children instead of working away in the kitchen.

It also ensure wholesome warming meals that are often easy on the pocket.

This week I am linking up to Meal Planning Monday over on At Home with Mrs M

Meal Planning Monday

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