Turning Three

My daughters third birthday fast approaches and that age old problem of what to do is currently getting me in a flap.

I wanted to do something special for her, looking at the options for winter a lot is closed in the way of theme parks etc so I was trying to think of something else she’d like.

She loves being girly so I was thinking of trying to arrange a corner somewhere for afternoon tea? Something where we can all look smart and sit and have pretty sandwiches and cakes. But finding somewhere I can work with to attain this is proving difficult, not everywhere is child friendly, or would help us to prettify the table etc.

So are you a hotel, tea room or restaurant that offers afternoon teas? Could you help me arrange a nice afternoon for my daughter in exchange for a review? I am not looking for freebies just help to arrange a nice little corner somewhere, somewhere two children can be children without getting funny looks but still enjoy a nice afternoon tea? Could we glam up the table with some balloons and glitter?

If so and in exchange for a review, some twitter and Instagram mentions then please feel free to get in touch, my email is themummydiary@gmail.com.

Her birthday is on the 30 January and we are looking to do something the following Saturday or Sunday 1st/2nd February.


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