22 February 2014

Sidneyboo! Coming Soon

Over on Instagram I have been chatting to a lovely lady called Sarah and she is soon to be opening a new online store selling gorgeous children's clothes for ages 0-5.

Supporting small businesses is what I like to do and so I wanted to help spread the word about her new store and the items she will be stocking.

So here is a bit about Sidneyboo! from Sarah:
"I was inspired to start my business after having my son in 2011. I found it frustrating that very few high street shops sell exciting and unique clothing for kids. I really believe kids clothes should have a sense of fun and reflect their playfulness, so when the opportunity arose I decided to search out brands that love to be creative with their clothing! I've worked hard to put together a collection of individual, fresh and exciting pieces - and all of them have a funky and fun twist to make you smile - the essence of Sidneyboo!  
My son, who is 3 next week (day before launch!!) is called Sidney and Sidneyboo! is a nickname I have called him it since he was a baby and having spent time thinking of different names, and wanting something that was personal to me but also doesn't limit me to just clothing so thought why not Sidneyboo! Plus he is the reason I am doing this so he should be involved in some way."
I love the choice of name and reason behind it and with some gorgeous clothing from companies such as Boys&Girls, Corby Tindersticks, Funky Legs, Gardner and the Gang, Indikidual, NUNUNU and Slugs & Snails to name but a few I can't wait to see the website and the items in all their glory.

The launch is on the 26th February and you can see more of what is to come over on the Sidneyboo! Facebook page and you can follow Sarah's progress over on twitter too.

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  1. It was lovely to meet you yesterday. Now following your blog via Bloglovin'!


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