26 February 2014

Swimsuits for Summer

After having my two children I lost a lot of confidence when wearing two piece swimming costumes, so I brought one a few years ago with tummy control but after a few years wear and sun exposure it has seen better days.

So a little searching on the internet has led me to some gorgeous options…

I love this one from John Lewis, the floral print is bright and colourful, and very reasonably priced at £39.50 and on a plus side these would go with my Sun Jellies.

As is this one from Sea Folly also at John Lewis a little more expensive at £99.

This one from Boden is really lovely too, the colours and fit look great, only £59.

This one from Marks and Spencer is not only fashionable but has the tummy control I am looking for, only £39.50

And finally another from Marks and Spencer this gorgeous nautical stripe swimsuit which I think is fun and only £32.50.

As with most clothing I have no idea which will fit my body type so will need to go and try some on, although if I remember it like last time it won't be a pleasant experience…who designs the changing rooms in shops? Always rubbish lighting that makes me look like a lump!

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