9 March 2014

A Colourful Match Made in Heaven

Yesterday I posted a picture of myself in my new Hello Apparel jumper from Southwood Stores and my Sun Jellies and the response was amazing, so I wanted to show you just how lovely they are and perfect they are for each other.

The blue jumper and cyan jellies totally work together and are a perfect spring combination.

As are the green and red, these beautifully bright colours totally complement each other and I think they'd look great paired with jeans or a skirt for the cooler summer days and evenings.

And for those who aren't so into their bright colours how about the black colour way?

And finally if black is your thing but you like a pop of colour then how about the black jumper with any of the sun jellies range?

I love the way these look together and as the days get warmer but not quite warm enough for skirts and a t-shirt this is the perfect alternative.

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