3 March 2014

Mothers Day Treats

So this is more a post about the things I would like for mothers day, a little inspiration for my children/hubby.

And with so many wonderful things around this is possibly going to be a long post…

This was on my Christmas list but sadly Santa must have missed it, I love the colour and would love this for popping on with skinny jeans and for cooler summer evenings (plus the colour almost matches my Sun Jellies) gorgeous Hello jumper from Southwood Stores, £40.00.

This seems to be my mantra at the moment, so I would love this print from Bodie and Fou, £35.00.

I have a real penchant for flamingos and adore this tea towel from Cuckooland, £12 but well worth it to have hanging in the kitchen.

And finally, even though I already have a pair of these gorgeous Sun Jellies shoes I definitely need more and I love these silver glitter ones, perfect to go with everything but I also like the fluro pink, yellow and the red, only £16.00.

I really love this dress from Tigerlilly Quinn's shop, I love foxes and this is just gorgeous and really reasonably priced too at just £28.00.

And finally because I cannot get enough of this smell I would really love a little pot of this loveliness from The Body Shop, it smells so gorgeous and I love lip balm, a snip at £4.00 ;)

So here is my little list of goodies, what have you found that you would love to receive?

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