29 March 2014

Weekend Box Review

We were recently sent a Weekend Box to review, a life saver on a rainy afternoon.

The box comes addressed directly to the child, so it is an exciting bit of post especially for them to open.

Although I am not sure if it was just my ineptness but without ripping the box it was a little difficult to get into, maybe just ‘super’ glue.

However once in the box is an endless treasure trove which I can see a child looking forward to opening every month with something to something to Cook, something to Make, something to Explore and, something Green.

With stickers, pictures and activities all beautifully colour coded in paper bags (great as everything is recyclable) it is a wonderful box of fun for children of all ages (even us grown up children).

First of all we made the our rocking springy birds, we ended up using an extra piece of card to the one supplied in the box so the children could make one each, but with everything included even glue you don’t need to worry about making sure you have anything in (only slight issue was the glue had gone all jelly like and wouldn’t actually stick but this isn’t a problem with the Weekend Box more the supplier of the glue).

Simple and easy to follow instructions guided us through the making process, my son was able to follow them on his own and he is almost six.

I think you’ll agree these are rather cute…

Next up was the sound explorer activity, a fun activity getting the children to make sounds like animals and match the animal to the sound.

Next we attempted to make the Robot Voice box and with practice, I am sure we will get it to work but as the video states it does take a little practice, the video itself was really interesting and informative and was certainly great to find this, I have even made a note of it to pass on to school as it was so interesting.

The whole idea behind the box is great, although we like to get creative and craft it is sometimes difficult to think of things to do and to get the children interested in the actual craft at hand, however with the aid of the stickers and characters from the box it was much easier to get them to work through to the end.

Each activity has a card and a bag which is colour coded, perfect for older children who can work through the box themselves if they want.

A subscription would make a great gift for a child either at Easter, Birthday or Christmas and I am sure this would be appreciated by both child and parent.

It fits through the letter box so there is no need to worry about being out and the bright colourful packaging is easy to see and something for children to look forward too.

It only costs £7.50 (inc P&P) which I think for a weekend of activities I think this is reasonably priced, and it doesn't have to be limited to rainy days, get out in the garden with a blanket on the grass and make in the sunshine.

Best of all the lovely people at The Weekend Box are offering my readers their first box free with code ELLIE28 so what have you got to lose? Why not pop on over and try this fantastic box of activities, perfect for your own children, grandchildren or if you just fancy a treat for the children a month.

NB We were sent this box to review, however all opinions and pictures are my own.

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